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Month: April 2014

Tokyo Trip #Day 1: Arrived, Lost Passport, Shinjuku, Harajuku, Takeshita Dori

23 February 2014, First morning at Tokyo, the weather was clear, maybe about 6 degrees Celsius with little wind, perfect timing to see Mt Fuji, i thought. Since past weeks,  i’ve been checking view of Mt Fuji from an online webcam here , planning my arrival on Mt Fuji Birthday, hoping to catch good and clear view of Mt Fuji. But little i knew that morning that the plan would remain as just a plan, but it didn’t go horribly wrong, it’s still a very amazing first day at Tokyo :). Continue reading

I write because..

my brain have small Memory and Storage (but it’s loaded with a hi-end processor!). What comes to mind will usually fade away quickly.. this blog will help me to recall any moments or ideas i consider important that it shouldn’t slip away from a partition on my brain internal harddisk.

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