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Month: May 2014

Tokyo Trip #Day3: Kappabashi, Harajuku, Tokyo Tower, Zojo-Ji, Roppongi Hills, Omoide Yokocho,

25 February 2014, Today trip is guided by Ryotaro, a guide from Tokyo Free Guide. He was kind enough to meet me at Kadoya hotel lobby. When he introduced himself, i could tell that he speaks little english but good enough to make a simple conversation, and he tried so hard to make sure i understand everything he said. plan today is even more packed than yesterday: finding knives and plastic food at Kappabashi, check out Harajuku, posing at Tokyo Tower, observation deck at Roppongi Hills, and get smoked at Omoide Yokocho while enjoying Yakitori!

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Tokyo Trip #Day 2: Asakusa Senso-ji, Tokyo Cruise, Tsukiji, Imperial Palace

24 February 2014, i woke up that morning like a champ! i had very deep sleep close to panda’s hibernating on a long northern winter. thanks to the firm bed my room has. Again, i can easily recommend this hotel just for its bed and pillow alone. you can read my review for the hotel at tripadvisor here. ¬†The schedule is tight today, Asakusa Sensoji, Tokyo Cruise, Tsukiji, Hama Rikyu, Imperial Palace and Tokyo Government building.. and all were accomplished :D

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