It’s that time of year again! when everyone is hyped up for the new spirit.. new year.. new motivation and such. If you think about it, there are many different calendars in the world and each of them probably has a new year which doesn’t happen at 31 December. You (and your great great great parents) have been indoctrinated to celebrate new year on 31 December, its cultural thing, much like the fact that Jesus wasn’t born in 25 December yet people still celebrate Xmas, decorating their house with painting of baby Jesus.

Don’t get me wrong! i’m actually just trying to find a good excuse to sleep over the New Year midnight eve :p, which i did, gracefully and peacefully. Those dates aren’t very important, but i like that i can use those dates as a startline and deadline, simply because they are memorable.

So i set myself a 2015 resolution! and i’ve decided to write it here so i can always read again what insanity i’ve promised myself, and keep pushing me further.

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