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Month: March 2015

2nd Tokyo Trip #Day 4: Icho Namiki Avenue, Tsukiji Fish Market, Akihabara, Tokyo Station, Odaiba, Trick Art Museum

28 November 2014, woke up early at 6 and grab some breakfast from lawson next to the hotel. The plan was to visit Tsukiji Fish Market at 9 am, when it’s wholesaler area is opened for public. i managed to slip a visit to Icho Namiki Avenue before Tsukiji. After those two, i’d be tour guide for my fam, visiting Akihabara, Tokyo Station, Odaiba and Trick Art Museum.

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2nd Tokyo Trip #Day 3: Mt Fuji, Arakura Sengen Shrine, Fuji Q Highland, Roller Coasters!, back to Tokyo

27 November 2014, 05:30 AM, woke up early, as planned, but when i look out the window, the haze got worse, not as planned :/. It’s still very dark, but i could tell that the haze was so thick and low that even light of street lamp got blurred. 6:30 AM, sun starting to rise but the haze refused to go away. I took the risk, walked out the hotel and follow the path outer the theme park to reach the FujiQ Bus Station (long walk! about 700m). As i passed the theme park huge parking area and some view of silent roller coaster, i kept turning my head to the Mt Fuji, its still covered by Haze.. oh well. Later my decision to keep walking reward me with one of the most beautiful God’s nature view i’ve ever seen

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2nd Tokyo Trip #Day 1-2: Transit at Changi, Narita Express, Highland Resort Hotel, Fujiyama Onsen

25 November 2014, It’s all excitement when you are about to board a plane for vacation! i couldn’t hide such excitement as i was so committed to complete my office works real fast (and forget all about it) ! the highlight today was layover at Changi Airport, Narita Express, Bus trip to Kawaguchiko, and Fujiyama Onsen. Unlike past trip when i lost my passport, this one went pretty well :)

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