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Month: March 2016

Dublin, WebSummit 2015 and Amsterdam Trip: 2 – 11 November 2015

Representing my startup, PicMix, a social photo and video editor famous for its photo collages feature, me and my CEO, Calvin Kizana went to WebSummit 2015 as an Alpha Startup and had a booth for a day!. Flights and Accommodation at Dublin was paid by the company, but we decided to extend to Amsterdam initial plan was London, but it was too late to apply for the visa. We even almost missed applying our Dublin visa, i seriously thought Dublin was part of Schengen countries.

Watching Russell Peters Live at Jakarta 17 February 2016

Russell Peter is a stand up comedian. a very funny one. funniest i might say. I first watched him at Youtube and he became my idol ever since. He’s setting up very high standard for stand up comedian, making all other comedian looks too serious or ridiculously not funny. i can’t laugh at their jokes anymore.

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