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my 2015 Resolution: let’s level up!

It’s that time of year again! when everyone is hyped up for the new spirit.. new year.. new motivation and such. If you think about it, there are many different calendars in the world and each of them probably has a new year which doesn’t happen at 31 December. You (and your great great great parents) have been indoctrinated to celebrate new year on 31 December, its cultural thing, much like the fact that Jesus wasn’t born in 25 December yet people still celebrate Xmas, decorating their house with painting of baby Jesus.

Don’t get me wrong! i’m actually just trying to find a good excuse to sleep over the New Year midnight eve :p, which i did, gracefully and peacefully. Those dates aren’t very important, but i like that i can use those dates as a startline and deadline, simply because they are memorable.

So i set myself a 2015 resolution! and i’ve decided to write it here so i can always read again what insanity i’ve promised myself, and keep pushing me further.

Looking back to what last 2 years has formed me into, i realised that i didn’t change nor improve much. I felt like i wasted 2 years, especially the time i spent working for a digital agency (inefficient process, self-absorbed creatives, disconnected project manager and clueless strategist! honest opinion).  If this life is an MMORPG,  then i haven’t advanced a level, i haven’t learnt new magic spell but i somehow completed some quests with the attributes i already own since 4 years ago. But the environment are changing, rapidly, and it gets more competitive than ever.

So for this year, 2015, i’ll level up! i’ve set up some mission, small and big, short and long, all is required to forge and sharpen me.


Write new blog post, once in every two weeks

i once started a blog ( in late 2006, it started good, lots of positive spirit, some of the blogposts actually got organic traffic (Ex: How to play o2jam offline). But due to lack of determination, i stopped writing in around 2008. I want to revive that spirit. To start with, i’ll complete my 2nd Tokyo Trip blogpost before end of the month.

NOT do Impulse Buying

Impulse Buying is when you see something and you immediately make a purchase decision, without ever thinking ‘do i really need it?’, ‘will it last?’, ‘are there better or cheaper alternatives?’. I used to have that tendency.. a lot. 12 out of 17 things i pledged at are useless now. I purchased more MicroSD than i really need.  I bought some figurines that is now collecting dust at my desk. i’ll stop. i know i’ll save a lot.

Have a website running that showcase my wireframes creation

I like wireframing, its the only way to express my idea. Powered by ideas that make sense, my wireframes has won me many competitions, pitches and praises. I have an idea to create wireframes for some popular website that i think has an ugly UX or no Information Architecture in mind, then showcase them in a website.

Have at least two mobile app or games that generate constant revenue from ads monthly

I’ve heard many success stories about how an individual app/game developer or small startup earn constant revenue generated from Mobile Ads. I’ve also learned that its not easy.. in fact it’s very tough, otherwise it will sound like pyramid scam of MLM business.  First, new apps and games need to be discovered by users, it has to stand out off millions apps. Second, it has to sustain by generating constant traffic for ads.  The whole thing about ‘new app discovery’ and ‘critical mass to create sustaining apps’ are my upmost interest right now.

Travel to at least 4 different countries. 

This is though. Technically, my limited office leave allowance (12 freaking days) will not let me do this. But i know, i will always get it done.. somehow.

Learn a new language

I did quite a good job learning some but useful French phrases for my Europe trip in 2013. The phrase ‘Où sont les toilettes s’il vous plaît’ relieve me from urge to pee :p. My choices are Japanese or Chinese. But i’m more toward to Japanese as i like the country more.

I’ll have.. a girlfriend. #longsilence

This list will probably grow, i’ll probably add some shorter term goals in the future, but the list will definitely not shrink!

Enjoy 2015, let’s level up together :)



  1. Someone becoming a man. All the best luck

  2. sandymc

    March 11, 2016 at 9:11 pm

    i think i failed most of these LOL!

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