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2nd Tokyo Trip #Day 4: Icho Namiki Avenue, Tsukiji Fish Market, Akihabara, Tokyo Station, Odaiba, Trick Art Museum

28 November 2014, woke up early at 6 and grab some breakfast from lawson next to the hotel. The plan was to visit Tsukiji Fish Market at 9 am, when it’s wholesaler area is opened for public. i managed to slip a visit to Icho Namiki Avenue before Tsukiji. After those two, i’d be tour guide for my fam, visiting Akihabara, Tokyo Station, Odaiba and Trick Art Museum.

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2nd Tokyo Trip #Day 3: Mt Fuji, Arakura Sengen Shrine, Fuji Q Highland, Roller Coasters!, back to Tokyo

27 November 2014, 05:30 AM, woke up early, as planned, but when i look out the window, the haze got worse, not as planned :/. It’s still very dark, but i could tell that the haze was so thick and low that even light of street lamp got blurred. 6:30 AM, sun starting to rise but the haze refused to go away. I took the risk, walked out the hotel and follow the path outer the theme park to reach the FujiQ Bus Station (long walk! about 700m). As i passed the theme park huge parking area and some view of silent roller coaster, i kept turning my head to the Mt Fuji, its still covered by Haze.. oh well. Later my decision to keep walking reward me with one of the most beautiful God’s nature view i’ve ever seen

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2nd Tokyo Trip #Day 1-2: Transit at Changi, Narita Express, Highland Resort Hotel, Fujiyama Onsen

25 November 2014, It’s all excitement when you are about to board a plane for vacation! i couldn’t hide such excitement as i was so committed to complete my office works real fast (and forget all about it) ! the highlight today was layover at Changi Airport, Narita Express, Bus trip to Kawaguchiko, and Fujiyama Onsen. Unlike past trip when i lost my passport, this one went pretty well :)

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my 2015 Resolution: let’s level up!

It’s that time of year again! when everyone is hyped up for the new spirit.. new year.. new motivation and such. If you think about it, there are many different calendars in the world and each of them probably has a new year which doesn’t happen at 31 December. You (and your great great great parents) have been indoctrinated to celebrate new year on 31 December, its cultural thing, much like the fact that Jesus wasn’t born in 25 December yet people still celebrate Xmas, decorating their house with painting of baby Jesus.

Don’t get me wrong! i’m actually just trying to find a good excuse to sleep over the New Year midnight eve :p, which i did, gracefully and peacefully. Those dates aren’t very important, but i like that i can use those dates as a startline and deadline, simply because they are memorable.

So i set myself a 2015 resolution! and i’ve decided to write it here so i can always read again what insanity i’ve promised myself, and keep pushing me further.

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Tokyo Trip #Day5 – #Day6: Snack-Shopping Spree! Seibu Depa Chika, KitKat Chocolatory, Ueno Ameyoko Market, Harajuku Daiso, Narita Airport

27 February 2014, last full day in Tokyo! which i dedicated for snacks and souvenirs hunt. i haven’t really spent any yen for bring-home-souvenirs on previous days. and yes, i do consider souvenirs and local snacks hunt as a must-do on every of my travel itinerary. the plan is to start at dephachika (food theme park) at Seibu Ikebukuro, then tokyo station, then ameyoko market at Ueno and daiso at Harujuku

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Tokyo Trip #Day4: Shibuya, Hachiko, Meiji Shrine, Yoyogi Park, Odaiba, Gundam, Oedo Onsen Monogotari

26 February 2014, Today i had another guided tour with a volunteer guide from TokyoFreeGuide. He is Kazu who had introduced himself through LINE (and sent his selfie so i can recognise him when we meet). Kazu works as a Network Support. The plan today is Shibuya, Meiji Shrine and Yoyogi park, and Half Day at Odaiba!

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Tokyo Trip #Day3: Kappabashi, Harajuku, Tokyo Tower, Zojo-Ji, Roppongi Hills, Omoide Yokocho,

25 February 2014, Today trip is guided by Ryotaro, a guide from Tokyo Free Guide. He was kind enough to meet me at Kadoya hotel lobby. When he introduced himself, i could tell that he speaks little english but good enough to make a simple conversation, and he tried so hard to make sure i understand everything he said. plan today is even more packed than yesterday: finding knives and plastic food at Kappabashi, check out Harajuku, posing at Tokyo Tower, observation deck at Roppongi Hills, and get smoked at Omoide Yokocho while enjoying Yakitori!

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Tokyo Trip #Day 2: Asakusa Senso-ji, Tokyo Cruise, Tsukiji, Imperial Palace

24 February 2014, i woke up that morning like a champ! i had very deep sleep close to panda’s hibernating on a long northern winter. thanks to the firm bed my room has. Again, i can easily recommend this hotel just for its bed and pillow alone. you can read my review for the hotel at tripadvisor here.  The schedule is tight today, Asakusa Sensoji, Tokyo Cruise, Tsukiji, Hama Rikyu, Imperial Palace and Tokyo Government building.. and all were accomplished :D

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Tokyo Trip #Day 1: Arrived, Lost Passport, Shinjuku, Harajuku, Takeshita Dori

23 February 2014, First morning at Tokyo, the weather was clear, maybe about 6 degrees Celsius with little wind, perfect timing to see Mt Fuji, i thought. Since past weeks,  i’ve been checking view of Mt Fuji from an online webcam here , planning my arrival on Mt Fuji Birthday, hoping to catch good and clear view of Mt Fuji. But little i knew that morning that the plan would remain as just a plan, but it didn’t go horribly wrong, it’s still a very amazing first day at Tokyo :). Continue reading

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my brain have small Memory and Storage (but it’s loaded with a hi-end processor!). What comes to mind will usually fade away quickly.. this blog will help me to recall any moments or ideas i consider important that it shouldn’t slip away from a partition on my brain internal harddisk.

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