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2nd Tokyo Trip #Day 6: Rikugien Garden, Narita, Singapore, Home

30 November 2014, last day in Tokyo! Mom and bros took the morning flight while i take the evening one. I had this wild thought to purposely lose my passport so i have an excuse to stay longer :D. I did most of the souvenir snack shopping today, on top of my one and only place to visit in the morning: Rikugien Garden.

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Tokyo Trip #Day5 – #Day6: Snack-Shopping Spree! Seibu Depa Chika, KitKat Chocolatory, Ueno Ameyoko Market, Harajuku Daiso, Narita Airport

27 February 2014, last full day in Tokyo! which i dedicated for snacks and souvenirs hunt. i haven’t really spent any yen for bring-home-souvenirs on previous days. and yes, i do consider souvenirs and local snacks hunt as a must-do on every of my travel itinerary. the plan is to start at dephachika (food theme park) at Seibu Ikebukuro, then tokyo station, then ameyoko market at Ueno and daiso at Harujuku

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