Russell Peter is a stand up comedian. a very funny one. funniest i might say. I first watched him at Youtube and he became my idol ever since. He’s setting up very high standard for stand up comedian, making all other comedian looks too serious or ridiculously not funny. i can’t laugh at their jokes anymore.

Russell Peter can pull jokes that others might find offensive. Mostly racial, etchnicity, streotype, daily life and mockery of unlucky audience. He has endless punchline and jokes, and he really can makes fun of every random audience that he engage a conversation with. Usually the conversation starts with ‘what is your name sir..?’. and whatever the guy name is..he’ll make fun of it. Even.. he can just stand on the stage, make a silly looking face, keep that face still for 3 second, and you’ll laugh at it. THat’s just how funny he is.

So he came to Jakarta yesterday. Actually this time is his second visit. I didn’t come to the first one but when i heard that he comes again, i bought the ticket almost instanstly. I purchased online a gold ticket for IDR 1,3mio. Come to think of it, that was actually pretty expensive to watch an indian guy standing on stage for one hour telling jokes haha… for comparison, the same price get you 2-3 hours of Muse live performance. But its Russell Peters, he’s beyond any comparison. So i didn’t want to miss this chance.

The seating, i paid for gold but ended up sitting at DIamond.

The seating, i paid for gold but ended up sitting at DIamond.

The venue is at The Kasabalanka, a multi function hall located at 3rd floor of Mall Kota Kasablanka at Kuningan. The door to the hall is opened at 6pm but people started entering the hall room at 7pm. There were many signboard distressing that mobile phone and camera devices are not allowed to be used during the show, this includes texting emailing and selfieing. It was pretty empty at 7pm, and the stage screen is continously playing 60-70s disco music medley, and ocassionally give warning to not use the mobile phone during the show. ‘put your phones away and don’t upset the black guys’. So they really bring the black guys, huge posture, intimidating looking face and wearing a t-shirt that says ‘somebody is going to get hurt real bad’. They will point a laser pointer to anyone who they find using their phones. (and also scary looking faces)

Then Russel showed up at 8pm.. even the crowds starts laughing when he said ‘hello everyone’ with his very indian accent ;D

Here are couple of jokes he punched during one hour and thirty minutes of laughing till the devil thinks this world is too full of joy to be corrupted.

he started with how funny Indonesian name he met at hotel and taxi such as Kanti, Dicky and Budi (which he pronounce ‘booty’).

“i can’t stop laughing when i saw  Hati Hati Busway, because ‘hati’ means ‘elephant’ in India”

Then he makes fun of Russian Accent, “they speak like.. backward” , he joked that while doing Michael Jackson’s moonwalk.

He even makes fun of his name ‘Peter’. Whenever he meet new russian friend, they will always giggle on his name.. apparently ‘Peter’ means faggot in Russian lol

so my father never told me what is he working at

Russel: “so dad, where are you going”

Dad (with indian accent): “to work”

Russel: “what are you working at”

Dad: “a job”

Russel: “what job”

Dad (same indian accent but with head movement now): “a work related job”


later he found out that his dad is working at.. ‘chicken plant’. And of course, he stil can’t make sense what job is at ‘chicken plant’.. growing chicken?. then the dad says “No, i decide which chicken is bad and good”.

And.. always on every Russel Peter shows, he’ll make fun of audience, those who sits in front, paying top money (it was IDR 2,250,000 for platinum seat).  Among those people are Deraaj who is being very Indian by working at Garment company. Andrew, who as Indonesian, has a very boring name. And Bongski (not sure if it his real name or just Russel spelled it worng lol)

and its fair for kid to says that his dad is ‘motherf*cker’.. because its true…

and among those audience, there was this one kid that Russel taught to say ‘motherf*cker’ to his dad haha… and his dad, sitting beside him was having face like ‘oh god..’

Do you know how a husband respect his wife, especially when they are all asleep in the middle of the night and the husband has an urge to pee.. the husband will roll out very slowly to the edge of the bed, walk with toes, avoiding wodden floor that might creak if stepped, open the door handle very slowly, and pee on the side part of the toilet to avoid the blurp blurp blurp noise..

While when the wife wants to pee, she will make earthquake on the bed, wear the flip flop that makes ‘flip flop’ sounds when she step, open the door handle harhsly and flush the toilet like she just had a stubborn poo hahahah!

So yeah.. his show are beyond my expectation. I thought that he was going to repeat the same jokes he had on previous shows at youtube, but none of those jokes came out tonight! its a 1.5 million IDR well spent!

looking forward to his next show. and… one bucket list crossed.